Big Game Feed

Feeding Half Moon Feeds Big Game Special or Apple flavored Whole corn in the spring time is sure to get results with added horn growth and healthy fawns and calf's

Mule Feed

As with the horse feed, your mules will always have peak performance with Half Moon Feeds.

Sheep Feed

No copper here. Just All Natural, non GMO free whole grain feed.

Our Products

Horse Feed

We have it all, ranging from Senior Horse to Mare & Foal to Premium Horse and COB.  

Cattle Feed

Raising a steer for FFA or 4-H you can depend on Top quality results.

Hog feed

Super High quality premium feed formulated for fast growth. Ideal for project hogs. Our 16% Premium Hog to our pastured 14% bulk hog, so your hogs will reach desired weight. 

Goat Feed

From lactating goats to meat goats our 15% feed is blue ribbon winning material.

Chicken Feed

Here at Half Moon Feeds our Poultry feed is all natural, GMO free, whole grain, no bi product non medicated feed. From our 21% chick starter, to our 17% poultry grower, to our 16% Premium Layer, your hens or meat birds are well taken care of.